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Freemasonry is a world-wide fraternity of men. It is not a religious or political organisation but open to men of high moral standards whatever their ethnic origins, political beliefs or religion.


Freemasonry as we practice it is believed to have its origins in the stonemason’s guilds and operative masons’ lodges of England and Scotland in the middle ages. However the tools and customs of the old craft masons are used today in our masonic symbols and ceremonies as allegories which apply to our morals and behaviour. It is often said, “Freemasonry takes a good man and makes him even better”.  Through ritualist dramas and orations, the new initiate is taught - and the older mason regularly reminded - of his duties to his family, to society (including obedience to the laws of the land in which he resides), and to those less fortunate - for charity plays a major role in Freemasonry.  Slowly moral and spiritual lessons are transferred as the brother progresses through the First, Second and Third Degrees.

While Freemasons acknowledge the links to the stonemason’s guilds, we also have a traditional history which traces our fraternity back in time to the knowledge and wisdom accumulated by the Egyptians and Greeks. Some scholars even point to origins in the Mystery Schools of ancient times.   


Today, we have Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and spiritual seekers within our fraternity, and while no discussion on religion is permitted in a Lodge ( or politics), it is a condition of membership that anyone wishing to join has a belief in a Supreme Being, whatever they may believe that to be.  We trust each brother will, in time, experience moral and spiritual growth through masonic teachings without conflict with his adopted religion or cultural values.   


Today freemasons are actively engaged in society and are transparent in their activities and organisation. While some may be drawn to the more esoteric side of masonry, many are happy to simply enjoy the friendship and fraternity and offer service to their fellow man.


In Singapore, we come under the wing of the United Grand Lodge of England with His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent as the Grand Master. Regional governance is by the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago. We follow the English Masonic Constitution but happily share our Masonic Hall in Coleman Street, Singapore with members of the Irish, Scottish and French Constitutions.

If you would like to know still more about freemasonry, click here to go to the United Grand Lodge of England webpage where you will find a wealth of infomation.
What's Next

If you are considering joining please contact us by email and we will reply to you shortly on how to proceed. .


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