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Sir Stamford Raffles Lodge is very active in raising money and devoting time for charitable causes

Relief to those experiencing distress is a basic tenet of Freemasonry and Charity plays a large part in our activities. All our members are encouraged to give financially within their means and to volunteer time to help others. For many years the United Grand Lodge of England offered to those in need the services of the Royal Masonic Hospital, Masonic Home for Boys and Girls and other masonic charities. With the growth of the welfare state in the UK, it was recently decided to combine all charitable works under the Masonic Charitable Foundation. This provides donations to internal and external charities and financial assistance following international disasters.

In Malaysia, our District Grand Lodge supports many charities, masonic and otherwise through the District Benevolent Fund.  Another example, is the Joseph William Yee Eu Foundation, set up by an earlier District Grand Master, to assist impoverished children to get a good education.

Sir Stamford Raffles Lodge contributes to the regional District Benevolent Fund and has supported many local charities in Singapore over the years including Dover Park Hospice, SOS, Children’s Society, Metta Welfare Association, Lien Aid and the Children’s Cancer Foundation. The brethren also regularly visit elderly masons who are no longer mobile or sick and have supported widows in the past with financial help and home decoration by our members.


The Masonic Charitable Fund

Another very important charity that the brethern of Sir Stamford Raffles Lodge support is the Masonic Charitable Fund [MCF]. It was approved by Singapore Ministry of Education as an Educational Charity on 29-11-19
The MCF initiative was announced by the District Grand Master who is the MCF’s Patron and Founder’s Representative at the Annual Communication Banquet in Dec 2019 in Ipoh, Malaysia
This fund is aimed at providing educational assistance to deserving Singapore beneficiaries comprising Singaporeans and permanent residents
The objectives of the MCF were formally announced to the Singapore Masonic community through an internal appeal brochure in March 2020.

To read more about MCF please click here.

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